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Temperature monitoring made easy with monthly reports, alerts and real-time monitoring where ever you have internet access.

Temperatures in pharmaceutical storage areas must be monitored and recorded at least twice daily, these records from such monitoring must be kept and made available for review.


With our devices, alerts and reports, there is no more time-consuming record-keeping with those inaccurate, minimum and maximum thermometers or the touch-free surface thermometers (Infrared) that everyone has nowadays!


Rest assured that your medicines and vaccines are safe from temperature fluctuations and you can maintain a decent monthly log of your storage areas. The reports provide the daily minimum, maximum and average temperatures of your storage area.


Temperature Monitoring

According to the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC) you should keep a daily record of the minimum and maximum temperatures in your pharmaceutical fridge and dispensary. And that is where we come in :)

How it works

Each device is hand made to meet your specific requirements and pre-programmed to send accurate readings to your registered account every 2 minutes. With our third-party mobile app, available on the App- and Play-Store you will be able to see charts, set your alarms and even restart or update your device remotely.


Alarms can be set to send a push notification and/or an email, depending on your preferences. You can choose at what temperature the alarm should be triggered as per your requirements.


Reports contain daily average, minimum and maximum temperatures.


Every device requires a wifi connection to send its data. This means that if you are out in the field on a farm, vaccinating bovines, the WiFi-enabled device can easily be connected to your mobile phone's hotspot and you can also monitor the temperature of your cooler in real-time on your phone, making sure your vaccines stay at the correct temperatures and are safe for administering.


Each device is powered by a 5V - 12V power adaptor, car charger or use a 9V battery, making it completely wireless.

Other Cool Spaces


Hospitals and Pharmacies


Retail Cold Storage


Bakeries & Resturants

There are many different applications for our devices.
Below are just a few places where they can be used to monitor the temperature of your products and get alerted when your fridges aren't performing at their best or someone left a door open?! 


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